Scarred Lands - lyrics

1. Scarred Lands

Songs and groans of the doomed ones heard through the night,
Impelled by fire and lead towards a blind hope.
A red sun is rising on the horizon and burns us.
We stand here and there is just an infinite land around us.

Just stand quietly and don't resist.

A long ravine in the shadow of the woods
dug by the dead in their last hours.
Nameless bodies in its ground.
Who could do this? Who buried them here?

Just stand quietly, repeat your name.

She lies amongst them and quietly whispers to her children,
just lie softly, my little ones, soon it ends,
just softly, my little one, your mommy is here with you.

Wailing and grief of the trees sound in the wind and breeze.
What have they witnessed and what happened above the pits
and in their bed, they see who they are,
former men and infinite land, former men and infinite land.

2. Memories Will Keep Us Alive

Endless crowds of people, silent voices.
Everyone has a name, destiny, desires.
A fog hides their faces.
Their life ends somewhere far away.

Every dawn means pain.
Every night means rage and soothing silence.
They already have torn the most valuable in us.
I have not left anything here.

Hidden in the dark, full of sorrow.
Nobody knows what shall be our fate.
We just wanted to laugh on a sun
and feel the spring again.

Now it seems I will not see another winter.
Let alone spring awakening.
My time here is measured by days or hours,
until they come to drive us to the dark.

They will not die without cause, not a single one of them.
And it won't be wolves who will write the last verse.
Memories will keep us alive,
our eyes shall protect us from all evil.

3. The Horizon Was Clear, Far And Charming

I look into the distance over an infinite plain.
Impelled like a beast for years, in woods I survive.
I look into the distance over a river wide like no other.
I crawl out only under darkness, when silence embraces our graceful land.

I was gnawing bones and didn't care whose they were.
I was lying without moving for hours in mud out of fear.
Amongst the pile of dead bodies I pretended to be one of them.
I was wading through snow and dropping tears down to the ice.

When day is perishing, the sky turns into a purplish colour.
A horizon was clear, far and charming.
What my eyes had to see for the sake of fear.
My soul has rotted due to a redemptive oblivion.

A barn full of entrapped men burned brightly.
They carved their last words into the old beams.
They all bidded farewell and regretted others.
I regretted them, innocent ones, crying, from far away.

4. Forest Shelter

Where shall I rest, where shall I halt,
where shall I find peace, where can I lie down.
When shall I come to the house made of old beams and stones
which keeps cold in hot days and smells of wood
and the roof plays me that soothing song.

From my windows I can watch the ancient forest
where beasts come out in the morning and
where little flowers can bloom.
Where I am alone, but never dejected,
where a tormented man gets the peace
and can watch the stars in the dark of the night
and sit calmly by the fire.

Mine is a loneliness in the woods,
mine is a solitude in your hearts,
mine is the solitude, deep forests and border rocks.

Mine are broken trunks and water springs,
mine is a loneliness, mine is a peace,
here I shall rest and shall dream for eternity.

5. I Wished To Follow The Sun

I wished to follow the sun,
flow with it and let it warm me.
I wished to follow the sun,
to stand calmly on a top of the hills and mountains.

My eyes cannot withstand its glow.
They are misted by tears and joy.
I wished to follow the sun
through the woods and rocky ravines.   

Not even clouds cannot hide its glow.
My journey is a burden,
but my hope drives me again.
I wished to follow the sun.

Just a few more last steps to make.
I wished to follow the sun and here it is.
Instead of warming freedom, wire chokes me.
I wished to follow the happiness.
But I convulse and die like a bird in thorns.