Svardenvyrd Band

SVARDENVYRD, based in the Czech Republic, plays epic black metal with pagan influences.

SVARDENVYRD 2021 line-up:

  • Typhon (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards)
  • Einskaldir (drums, vocals)

SVARDENVYRD history timeline:

  • 2002: The beginning of SVARDENVYRD, when the founding members were 17 years old. The musical concept was for raw, atmospheric black metal; with this style, the first demo "Zmrzlé plameny nenávisti" was produced.
  • 2004: SVARDENVYRD joined forces with the band HYPERBOREAN DESIRE in cooperation with the newly emerging wave of bands and together released the split CD "Nový Úsvit"; on which one can trace the departure from the original direction to more pagan influences in music and lyrics.
  • 2005: A musical transition was then completed by the release of the debut album "Obyčej slunovratu" which was dedicated to the endless cycle of the seasons therefore, SVARDENVYRD combines classic black metal with pagan influences.
  • 2007: SVARDENVYRD was put on hold. It was at a time when we already had fragments of the new album in progress, but there was no motivation or desire to finish the album. After another 14 years, however, we continued to meet as best friends and worked on several non-musical projects.
  • 2020: Time to restore SVARDENVYRD together again and to complete the unfinished album. At an outlying hunting lodge in the foothills of the “Eagle Mountains” near the Czech/Polish border, we produced the elements of a new album Scarred Lands.
  • 2021: Recording of the second full-length album Scarred Lands.



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